The Process of Serving and its Pros

In this field, there are many make-believes about this process of serving. The shows that we love to watch do no justice in defining the actual process of serving. They just make-believe that the process of serving is very easy being the person handing a piece of legal document and walking away. Then later they get the reaction of the receiver of the document after being told you have been served and think that that must be very amazing. The real deal is right here. To become a process serve requires one to be very organized, this means a good timekeeper. Many may have not been aware of this but these process servers handle a lot of documents for many given places or locations on the same day.

Thus it is very crucial that one is able to get these documents to the right address in time and leave a loophole of time for an emergency errand to the courthouse or to rush another document that is in great urgency. It is this way since most attorneys tend to have many chances to make at the last minute and thus one or two of the documents may end up changing addresses all the way to the other opposite side of the previous location given. Thus you need to make yourself flexible. So these process servers have to begin their jobs very early in the morning, even at times when others are still asleep and the roads are very quiet to go on stakeouts in order to get those recipients who go to work early and also close up work very late at night since there are those who take late shifts.

Time in this line of work is of absolute priority and essence; this will determine how long you last in this line of work. Some people think that this line of work is very dangerous well it might be but only to the degree of having many doors slammed in your face by the recipients. Some of these people may be expecting to be served since their lawyers inform them prior but some of these people just get to know on being served so when this happens they have very different reactions. Some claim that you may be chased away by guns but this rarely happens. This job is very secure. One of the largest misconceptions of the process of serving is that you only do little paperwork; they claim that you don’t sit down and type on some machine to get your work done.

Well, that happens to not be accurate, once you are done serving a document you need to finish your sworn affidavit that very well states what you did which is serving the document, the time you served it and if the person the document must have been taken to is the one you served. This last procedure can stop the case from proceeding or let it go on smoothly seeing that all the members involved in the case can only proceed to court if all of the members needed to be served were actually served. The affidavit needs to precisely and correctly filled and in any case, you were not able to serve the document you need to let the attorney know so he or she can tell the judge to have another document processed.

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